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Course Projects

The Graphic Design & Interactive Media Diploma program will prepare you to think critically and execute visual solutions across print, digital platforms and motion graphics, including communications, marketing, and branding, as well as layout, editorial, art direction and packaging. You will explore multiple perspectives on the design process from a variety of guest speakers and outside creative professionals who will also critique your work. At the end of online course, you will leave with a well-rounded portfolio and the creative and technical skills to launch your career in design.

Photoshop Projects

You will use your new-found Photoshop skills to enhance the mood of an image. Whether it’s a dark, scary atmosphere or a bright, beautiful scene; use images and Photoshop tools to deliver your visual message.

You will be changing the mood of the given image by manipulating colour and image settings (such as contrast, exposure, brightness, etc.)

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In this skills test, you will be utilizing blending modes, smart objects, layer masks, and adjustment layers to seamlessly blend multiple exposures to create an original composition.

You will be creating a photo-illustration depicting a clear message by utilizing imagery and graphics. Your photo-illustration must fit 11x17” (or 17x11”) canvas.

Concepts to depict your photo-illustration:

      EARTH MOTHER: we seem to be losing our connection with the earth, because of our lack of appreciation for the planet that sustains us. It is vital that we establish this connection once again, and as a species respect the earth as the source of all life.

“Replaceface” is an amazing project created by UK digital artist Steve Payne. Steve uses digital copies of George Dawe (an English portraitist who painted 329 portraits of Russian generals) as a basis for his work. The artist incorporates contemporary celebrities faces in 19th-century paintings using photoshop, creating a realistic composition that blends old and new elements. 

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